Cudi-11 yr old Male Red Shiba Inu

by Tamara Randolph on November 15, 2016

in Rainbow Bridge

Cudi died in his sleep Jan 6, 2017. We will miss him greatly! Cudi is an 11 (9/26/2005)year old red male. He is crate trained, and loves to cuddle up on a blanket so he can nest. He has some clouding in his eyes due to cataracts, but no worries he can see you. Before he came to us his coat was is rough shape, now he is looking handsome! We do give him head to tail treats for his joints, they keep him running around like a young pup. Cudi came to us with a severe head tilt presumably from trauma but honestly I don’t notice it anymore. He is on special food for his kidneys. Cudi loves walks and run around with the other two shibas in his foster home. We also have a kitten and a 4 year old. Most nights cudi chooses to sleep on the foot of my 4 year old bed. So no worries about kids or animals. However Cudi shuns his foster dad so we feel that he needs to be in a home with a steady female presence as well as having someone who is home a lot. He is house trained but because of his kidneys he needs to go out more often. Cudi is about 18 pounds, and needs to add some weight to his tall frame, other than that he is a loveable pup that want to play and chase you around. He is also at times stand offish with cuddles but loves scratches. His personality is contagious and will always keep a smile on your face. If you are interested in adopting Cudi and give him a loving home please email us at

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