Shinyuu-Adopted-Courtesy List

by Kathy Crandell on August 17, 2013

in Adopted Shibas

Shinyuu means ‘best friend’ in Japanese. He is a Red Sesame. He is a great dog, overall. He is somewhat fearful of thunderstorms & fireworks or even sudden power outages, if there is a loud popping/crackling sound created by it. If he has a good place to chill out away from the noise, he copes o.k. Shinyuu is very laid back, sweet, cat-like & loves naps! He tolerates cats well & he loves walks on a leash & playing with soft, stuffed animal toys. He is ok with kids, but does not tolerate a lot of rough play or hair pulling by a toddler or rowdy kid. He should always be on a leash outside, if there is not a fenced in yard. He is in good health & has always been kept up to date on all his vaccinations & had annual check ups. He is crate trained & has always been on dry food, except once a month, when I crush up his Trifexis pill into canned food, as a treat & to be sure he consumes it fully. He likes riding in the car & is used to periodic professional grooming. He can be aloof at times, but that is just typical Shiba behavior. Other times, he can be very affectionate & attentive. Shinyuu weighs about 28lbs.
Shinyuu is located in Hillborough County.
Please contact if you are interested as this is only a courtesy list.

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Denise Barto August 20, 2013 at 10:02 AM

Shinyuu has been adopted! Thank you to everyone that supports this forum & a special thanks to Therese, who has given our special boy a new place to call home!

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