Rainbow Bridge

The dogs listed below are foster dogs who passed away while in SIRF’s care.

Sachi-13 yr old Female Shiba Inu

January 16, 2021

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to Sachi as her health issues became too much for her to overcome and have any quality of life. Since she came into the rescue it had been determined that she probably had a brain tumor along with the mammory tumor that had been discovered on her first vet […]

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Zander-16 yr young Male Red Shiba Inu

September 2, 2019

Zander has passed peacefully after a long life. He had gotten cognitive disease which comes on in old age. His fosters loved him dearly and were so sad when they had to say good by! Hey everyone.. Zander here, but I answer to Senior cuz it sounds kinda the same right? Might be my hearing […]

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Cudi-11 yr old Male Red Shiba Inu

November 15, 2016

Cudi died in his sleep Jan 6, 2017. We will miss him greatly! Cudi is an 11 (9/26/2005)year old red male. He is crate trained, and loves to cuddle up on a blanket so he can nest. He has some clouding in his eyes due to cataracts, but no worries he can see you. Before […]

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Seiko-13yr old Male Sesame Shiba Inu

December 14, 2015

Seiko came to us from an ad on Craigslist “free to a good home” While in our care we were able to determine that he had come from a reputable breeder in Oregon. I was able to show her pics and while it wasn’t feasible to fly him back to Oregon we were planning on […]

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Ginger-15 yr old female

January 3, 2015

Ginger came to us from the Collier County Animal Services. She was not very healthy when she came to us and went downhill very quickly and past away peacefully after only one week in the rescue. In that week she was loved and knew what love was. RIP Ginger

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Eddie-14 yr old Shiba Inu

October 31, 2014

UPDATE: Eddie died peacefully before being able to be adopted. He got to rest in peace in a place that he was familiar with with the people he loved. Eddie is looking for a special someone to help him thru his last years of life. Eddie needs someone with patience and a lot of love […]

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Katai-13yr old-Female

March 24, 2013

Katai says “Please don’t be put off on how I look as i am eating regularly and have had a bath and am getting real love now so I will look better soon!” “I have a lot of love still to give” This sweet elderly girl was found wandering a field and was taken in […]

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