Sachi-13 yr old Female Shiba Inu

by Kathy Crandell on January 16, 2021

in Rainbow Bridge

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to Sachi as her health issues became too much for her to overcome and have any quality of life. Since she came into the rescue it had been determined that she probably had a brain tumor along with the mammory tumor that had been discovered on her first vet visit. Sachi developed seizures that were getting more frequent no matter the medication or amount of medication. We did not want her to suffer any longer and peacefully went to sleep with her fosters by her side. At 13 years old she had lived a long life and knew that she was loved very much. We will miss her and appreciate all the people that inquired about adopting her. RIP Sachi!

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Tristan January 27, 2021 at 7:42 PM

She sure is a pretty dog! Hope she gets a forever home soon!

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