Zander-16 yr young Male Red Shiba Inu

by Kathy Crandell on September 2, 2019

in Rainbow Bridge

Zander has passed peacefully after a long life. He had gotten cognitive disease which comes on in old age. His fosters loved him dearly and were so sad when they had to say good by! Hey everyone.. Zander here, but I answer to Senior cuz it sounds kinda the same right? Might be my hearing as it isn’t the best but then what Shiba’s is? ha ha. My awesome foster mom has been taking care of me for quite a few months but now she has to move due to school and is unable to watch me anymore. I am interviewing new foster mom or dads or both! I know I know I’m kinda at the end of my time but I am still full of spunk! As you can see by my pics I am photogenic for sure! One thing I need is someone loving and that wants to let me hang out at their place til I move on to greener and softer pastures. I don’t weigh that much so I don’t eat much. I have had all my vaccines and am on that pill that tastes horrid. You know the one.. for the heartworms and those dang fleas that like to bite me! I’m really kinda ornery to other dogs cuz I want my mom or dad to love only me. I’m kinda jealous that way. Of course the great people at SIRF will be glad to answer any questions that I haven’t answered right now. Oh I live in Orlando but I’m up for seeing other parts of the state too! Shhhhhh Don’t tell anyone but sometimes I have a hard time keeping my pee in.. but I do try and I promise to try better! Check out my pics and videos!

snuggly pup

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