ADOPTED-Pixie-3 yr old Shiba Mix

by Tamara Randolph on October 28, 2014

in Adopted Shibas

UPDATE: Pixie has gone to her new forever home! She has been adopted by Paul and Deb! We hope she is enjoying the good life! Say hello to Pixie a 3 year old Shiba Inu Mix. She is great with other dogs and with young children! Pixie is spayed, on heartworm prevention and up to date with all her vaccines! Pixie may sound little but she weighs 24 lbs. She loves to go to the dog park to play although she does need some practice on the leash. Pixie has gone to puppy classes at Petsmart in the past. She would love to become a member of your family! Are you the family she is looking for? Pixie is located in Ovieda, Florida. Please email us at

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Shelby Meade October 30, 2014 at 9:37 AM

I have owned dogs all my life, and they have always been mixed breeds. I was wondering what Pixie is mixed with. It usually helps with training and temperament understanding if I know the breed. If you don’t know, then that is fine. I had my other rescue puppy DNA tested( well he’s 2 1/2 now) and it helped in understanding his behaviors. He is an absolute doll. I have always wanted a Shiba Inu, but it’s important to get the right match. I have three children and a wonder male Lab mix dog. So I would like to find a Shiba that will blend into our family dynamics. I would appreciate any information you can give. Thank you.

Kathy Crandell October 30, 2014 at 9:38 PM

I do not know what she is mixed with. A guess would be possibly a Basenji. She came from a rescue earlier in life.

Stephen Lyons October 30, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Looks like my Jasita. She is adorable and loves kids and sleeps with cats. I quit taking her into the Home Depot because she is too friendly with kids. She is now hiding behind my computer table. Shortly, she will be in my bed or under my bed.

At the dog park, Jasita relates to other dog by rolling on her back and running. That usually the correct thing to do but for when a large dog that did not understand Jasita bit her. She got past that and I now keep her away from the bully.

Jasita does not like to wear a halter. I take her for a nightly jog. She responds to voice commands and there is never a problem with cats or other dog and cars. Where as my Flounder has to be on a leash.because Flounder is car stupid. Tonight, we will be sleeping with two cats.

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