Adopted-Cane-3yr old Male Black and Tan Shiba Inu

by Kathy Crandell on October 22, 2018

in Adopted Shibas

We are pleased to introduce CANE. He is a 2 (soon to be 3yr old) old neutered Black & Tan. Cane is a perfectly sized boy weighing in at 22lbs. He is healthy, up to date on his vax and on monthly heartworm prevention. Cane currently lives in the Jacksonville area. We are told he does well with larger breed dogs. It is unknown if he thinks smaller breed dogs and/or cats are friends or food. He is fully house trained. He does ok on a leash but could use some additional training. He, like so many other Shibas, has some food allergies so his diet needs to be completely Grain, Chicken and Fish free. Cane would make the perfect dog for a family that doesn’t have very young children. We are looking for a foster, foster to adopt or adoptive family for Cane. All those interested can send us a message to

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